Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Wall Street Journal: "Rupert Murdoch's ready to leave" "Jaws" expected in the House of Commons

Rupert Murdoch is considering the idea of abandoning the guidance of his media empire. He writes the Wall Street Journal, a galaxy's most influential newspapers of News Corp. According to financial newspaper, the possible abandonment has nothing to do directly with the illegal wiretapping scandal in Britain, which has overwhelmed and sunk the newspaper The News of the World.

Murdoch is thinking about it "more than a year," writes the WSJ, and even if the interception may postpone the departure of a few months, in more tranquil times. "Murdoch was considering the possibility 'to give the role of CEO Chase Carey to the current president, reported people close to him", but "Shark" would retain the post of Executive Director.

Today Rupert Murdoch must appear before the Committee on Culture, Media and Sport of the House of Commons to answer several questions on the matter which has already led to the arrest of former chief executive Rebekah Brooks, now free on bail, and the resignation of the vertices Scotland Yard.

If the hearing goes wrong, the octogenarian media mogul could be replaced by Carey immediatamnete, Xinhua said Bloomberg, but the board of directors of News Corp. has already received a denial.

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