Sunday, July 31, 2011

Netanyahu promises answers to the challenge

Undermined by social unrest on a scale unprecedented in Israel's right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu promised reforms, hoping to stem the movement. At the opening of the Council of Ministers, Sunday, July 31, Mr. Netanyahu announced that he would appoint an "inter-ministerial team to present a plan to ease the economic burden [hanging] on citizens, according to an official.

We must act with seriousness and responsibility to change the order of priorities in the economic field. " This team will be responsible for organizing a "round table which will be invited representatives of various sectors of the population." This decision, following the measures taken in disaster last week, came a day after massive demonstrations across the country that brought together 150,000 Israelis according to media reports, more than 100,000 according to police.

"The Prime Minister is aware of a genuine discontent in sections of the population who are unable to make ends meet month," he told public radio the spokesman of the Prime Minister Gideon Schmerling. He said Mr. Netanyahu was considering a reduction in indirect taxes and wanted to encourage competition by reducing the concentration of capital in the hands of a few.

These decisions involved in a tense situation after the announcement of the dimission the Director General of Ministry of Finance, Haim Shani, who was against an increase in public spending. The demonstrators marched Saturday in ten cities under the slogan "The people want social justice, not charity." The protest, which was initially soaring house prices, deals more generally with the increase in social inequality and the deterioration of public services, particularly in the field of health and education.

The challenge is first part of the middle class crushed by the ever increasing cost of living, the result of a market controlled by a few families. For now, it is not threatening fairechuter the government has a strong majority in Parliament, based on the alliance between right and extreme right and religious parties.

And Mr. Netanyahu, whose popularity has fallen sharply, there is no reason to provoke early elections ahead of schedule in 2013.

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