Thursday, July 28, 2011

Attacks in Norway: the killer has sent thousands of emails before the attack

Barely an hour and a half before the killing, and Oslo on the island of Utoeya Anders Breivik Behring has sent his manifesto by email to nearly one thousand people, according to one of the recipients, the Belgian deputy Tanguy Veys, the far-right Flemish party Vlaams Belang. The elected ensures had never heard of the killer before the attacks.

"There were people from Italy, France, Germany, but I think the UK had the largest number [of recipients]," he told the Guardian, identifying two hundred and fifty British. According to Le Point, seventy-four French were also part of those recipients. "It's a low estimate. There are places like 'hotmail.

Com' or 'live. Com' which do not allow us yet to know the recipient country," said a French police source based in Europe, cited anonymously on the site of the weekly. Another recipient, the Swedish Isak Nygren, who presents himself as belonging to the Swedish Defence League, has posted lengthy excerpts from the email sent by Behring Anders Breivik.

Under the name Andrew Berwick, the alleged killer application "humbly" recipients "of fairecirculer the book as much patriotism as you can. I am one hundred percent sure that the circulation of this book to a large number of patriots Europe will participate to ensure our victory in the end.

" The large presence of British recipients is partly due to the admiration was Anders Behring Français Breivik the Defence League, small group of far-right British, whom he praised at length the merits in its manifesto.

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