Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Netanyahu says he is ready for peace talks "in Jerusalem, Ramallah or anywhere"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was prepared to commit "immediately" in peace talks with the Palestinians' home in Jerusalem, Ramallah or anywhere ", in an interview broadcast by the English channel Arabic television Al-Arabiya. "Everything is on the table, but you have to go to the table," he added.

The head of the Israeli government accuses the Palestinian leadership to have caused the blocking peace talks. He said the Palestinian leadership in the past refused to conclude the discussions by an arrangement, and will not now resume the peace dialogue. Suspended for nearly two years, peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians were revived early in September 2010 under pressure from the United States and were again blocked a few weeks after a partial moratorium of ten months construction in Jewish settlements that Israel has refused to extend.

The Palestinians demand a total freeze of settlement on land they claim for their future state. A recent reconciliation agreement between the secular party Fatah of Mahmoud Abbas and the Islamist movement Hamas in power in Gaza has further reduced the chances of resuming peace talks. "When people say that the State of Israel must be wiped off the face of the Earth, in the words of Iran, Hezbollah [Lebanese Shiite] or Hamas, that does not leave much room for discussion "said Netanyahu.

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