Friday, July 29, 2011

Anders Breivik Behring again questioned by police Friday

Anders Breivik Behring, the author of bloody attacks that Norway will again be interviewed by the Norwegian police, Friday, July 29. Investigators hope to eliminate some shadows: why was there a walkie-talkie, as provided the testimony of a survivor? And what about the "cells" which he referred to the existence? At that hearing, the second since his arrest, he will be questioned on "information received in recent days, and there are many," said Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby, an official of the investigation.

Behring Breivik acknowledged being the author of the attacks of July 22 and said he acted alone, but he did not plead guilty to the police. It is still looking for any complicity in the country, and possible ramifications abroad. "We always said we did not exclude that other people were involved and we are investigating this," said a spokesman for the Oslo police, Henning Holtaas.

"The theory about possible complicity weakens over time," he added, however, noting that "no evidence to support it [had] been discovered" at the scene of the drama. Norwegian police said it had terminated its research to find the missing on the island of Utoya, but that they continued in the surrounding waters.

According to the prosecutor of the king, the highest court of the prosecution in Norway, a trial should not occur before 2012 because of the "very important" and "demanding" of the investigation. Wednesday in Oslo, the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, announced the establishment of a commission to draw lessons from attacks.

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