Monday, July 25, 2011

Dead Sea, Israel intercepted a ship carrying weapons

The Israeli army intercepted Monday, July 25, a boat with two Palestinians carrying weapons on board the Dead Sea, said a statement from the spokesman of the army. The ship was carrying several assault rifles Kalashnikov, ammunition and other weapons, the statement said adding that the two Palestinians arrested were interrogated by security services.

When questioned by the, a military spokesman was not able to give more details including the exact location of these Palestinians were arrested, nor the place from where they left. "A more accurate statement would be issued later," she was merely stated. Army Radio, for its part, said that the boat was intercepted an inflatable boat from Jordan.

Officials said the Israeli security services, the equipment carried was apparently not designed to carry out an attack, but is rather the arms trade. The Dead Sea is bordered on the west by Israel and the West Bank, east by Jordan. Since 2007, the Israeli navy has begun to conduct tests to examine the possibility to organize regular patrols of the Dead Sea in an attempt to prevent infiltration of militants and weapons from Jordan, had told the time of the Israeli media.

This decision was taken following the arrest of a Jordanian and an Israeli who had managed to pass a raft of weapons and drugs from Jordan.

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