Sunday, July 24, 2011

The lie of the young Murdoch

The Anglo-Saxons do not like lies. Crime in general is serious, very serious for all politicians in the lead. But the lying is perhaps even more. It is the fear of being put the lie to shake the dreams of the protagonists of the scandal interceptions. By Rebekah Brooks, a former director of the group News International, Rupert Murdoch, to the Prime Minister, all apologize, more or less deeply, the damage to spy on victims, but they proclaim in unison: I knew nothing until a few days ago.

Maybe some of them tell lies? Strange innocence, at least that of James Murdoch. So he must have thought the Labour MP Tom Watson (who co-worker with the literary Sherlock Holmes may have in common not only the name, but also some interest investigation). On Tuesday, the son of the tycoon had denied before the parliamentary committee to be aware of illegal practices on the part of his newspapers - apart from individual cases already known and circumscribed the judiciary and the country.

Not so, however, according to former editor of News of the World Colin Myler and Tom Crone, the former head of the Murdoch group in Britain, which have proved to have evidence that James knew. Corpus delicti, a mail in April 2008. Writing to the then chief reporter for News of the World, James Murdoch personally authorized the payment of a private agreement for over 600 thousand pounds in damages to Gordon Taylor, bigwig Association players, apparently damaged some spying.

"The declaration of Myler and Crone - Watson thinks the Labour Party - shows that James was aware of Murodoch interceptions since 2008, and how it has failed both in the editorial office which govern the conduct of initiating an internal investigation. This contrasts with the statement that Rupert Murdoch's company has adopted a policy of zero tolerance.

" Elementary, Watson, echoes David Cameron. To shake off the contiguity with Murdoch, the premier asked James to come back to committee to clarify. I did not know of the illegality, in turn, has assured Parliament Cameron, referring to 4 years in which the murdoch Andy Coulson has worked for him.

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