Sunday, July 31, 2011

Burned with acid, an Iranian renounces the law of retaliation

An Iranian woman blinded with acid by a man she had refused the marriage proposal was abandoned at the last minute to the abuser fairesubir the law of retaliation, reported Sunday, July 31 the Iranian press. Mohavedi Majid, who had thrown the aid in the face of Ameneh Bahrami in 2004, was sentenced in 2008 to lose the sight in accordance with Islamic law in Iran.

Under Sharia law imposed after the 1979 revolution, the "question" - "law of retaliation" - is allowed in the case of injury. Majid Movahedi was to receive his award - the payment of drops of acid in your eyes - this Sunday. "I tried for seven years to obtain the conviction in question, but today I decided to forgive him, said Ameneh Bahrami quoted by news agency ISNA.

I also made to the calm of my family and also for my country because apparently all the other countries looked at what we did. " The decision to execute the sentence, which was a first in Iran according to some media, was denounced by Amnesty International and other associations as a "cruel and inhuman punishment equivalent to an act of torture." Ms.

Bahrami, aged thirty years, now lives in Spain where she underwent numerous operations. She said at first his determination that his attacker is blinded, stating that it was "not out of vengeance" but in the hope that it deters other such attacks against women at the future. She then said she was willing to waive his right if she got her attacker two million euros in compensation to "ensure [his] future." Several acid attacks have been reported in recent years in Iran, and the press supported Ameneh Bahrami by publishing pictures of his face before and after it is disfigured.

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