Thursday, July 21, 2011

In Syria, the security operations continue at Homs

The army and the Syrian security forces continued their security operations in Homs, Thursday, July 21, said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH). "The army and security forces have invested in homes and made arrests in Homs. The gunfire was heard since the dawn" in the city, the third of Syria, where there have been dozens of deaths in recent days, said Abdul Rahman.

"Most of the neighborhoods were deserted because of military operations. Tanks were seen in the perimeter of the Citadel of Homs, and entrances of some neighborhoods have been closed," he added. Twenty people attended a funeral in the town were killed Monday and Tuesday by gunfire from the army and militias loyal to the regime, and thirty were killed on Saturday and Sunday in clashes between opposition and government supporters, according to activists of human rights.

Located 160 km north of Damascus, Homs is a city at the forefront of the revolt against the government since its launch March 15. The army was sent there two months ago to try to fairetaire demonstrators. Tuesday evening, the armed and security forces have carried out a dozen arrests in the villages of Jabal al-Zaouia, according to activists.

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