Friday, July 8, 2011

Canada ends its mission in Afghanistan

Canada formally ended its combat mission in Afghanistan after years of being in the frontline against the Taliban in the south of the country. The withdrawal of two thousand 850 Canadian soldiers at a time when the Taliban continues to show its strength, peace talks are in their infancy and the Government and development are faltering.

Although northern Afghanistan had been relatively calm, an increase in violence experienced over the past two years. Canada was the sixth largest contributor of troops behind the United States and European nations and transferred to the U.S. mission in Kandahar air base during a ceremony in which there was a moment of silence for fallen comrades.

Since 2002, 157 Canadians have died in Afghanistan. Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay said: "Although progress has been made in stability and security, they are fragile, and much of the responsibility lies, of course, the Government of Afghanistan."

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