Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tokyo banned the sale of beef from Fukushima

The Japanese government has banned the sale of Fukushima beef after the discovery of radioactive meat, a sign of further contamination, although the nuclear accident seems to being controlled. The spokesman of the government, Yukio Edano, said farmers would be compensated "appropriately".

This announcement follows the publication of reports of higher rates of radioactive cesium from the norm in the beef raised in this prefecture suffered a nuclear accident since March 11. These animals have apparently been infected by eating hay stored outside for several weeks. A total of at least 550 cattle fed on this forage Fukushima were sold in Japan and have already been partly eaten.

Attempted to reassure the authorities say it would have to eat the meat of radioactive everyday for a year to deal with health problems. But the ban on the marketing of meat bœeuf Fukushima may not be enough to calm public anxiety, contaminated hay was dispatched to feed livestock in neighboring prefectures.

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