Friday, July 29, 2011

Arrested in Texas, U.S. soldier "was preparing to attack fellows"

 Police in Texas arrested a U.S. Army soldier, suspected to be preparing an attack against his fellow soldiers. The young soldier, stationed at the base of Fort Campbell in Kentucky, has deserted the weekend of July 4, Independence Day the day after being accused of possessing images of child pornography on his computer, given the risks of being prosecuted before a court martial.

The deserter was arrested in Killeen, reported by an employee of the local gun shop. Abdo was suspicious of her partner, Greg Ebert, with his strange questions about the caliber ammunition 40. The defector has left the store after buying three boxes of ammunition and a gun magazine. He paid in cash and a taxi then went to buy a military uniform in a store.

In his hotel room, the FBI has found the need to build at least two explosive devices: gunpowder, casings, a pressure cooker, about ten pounds of sugar, four magazines as well as ammunition. According to CNN, Abdo wanted to use as a timer to explode a series of lights to decorate the Christmas tree.

Also according to the network television in his backpack was found propaganda glorifying al-Qaida. After questioning at this point investigators believe that the soldiers intended to "plot a terrorist attack" against "military personnel" means the chief said the city police, Dennis Baldwin.

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