Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Yemeni president leaves for Saudi Arabia for treatment of his injuries

.- Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, left the country today in the direction of Saudi Arabia for treatment of injuries sustained in the attack yesterday in Sanaa, sources told Efe Saudi Foreign Ministry. The sources, who requested anonymity, did not say whether Saleh is on its way or already arrived, nor specify if you go to Riyadh or other cities.

In Sanaa, a government source, who requested anonymity, told Efe that the Yemeni president traveled to Saudi Arabia for treatment and that he did before with other makers because it required immediate medical care in Yemen. According to the source, Saleh was hit by shrapnel in the chest by the missile that fell yesterday in the presidential compound in Sanaa and doctors feared he was about to retire because of heart so we decided to transfer to Saudi Arabia to be involved.

For now, the Saudi authorities have not issued any official statement on the matter, as they usually do. Throughout the day has been a mystery Saleh's whereabouts and state of health. Rumors about a possible trip to Saudi Arabia, the president of Yemen have circulated during the day and originated the announcement that five government officials who were with him in the attack were taken there last night.

Senior management are the prime minister, Ali Mohamed al Muyawar, presidents of the Upper House and Lower House of Parliament, the Rai and Abdelaziz Yehia Abdelgani, the Deputy Minister for Defense Affairs and Security, Rashad al Alemi, and Assistant Secretary the ruling General Popular Congress Party, Sadeq Amin Abu Ras.

Yesterday, shortly after the attack, an aide to the President said that Saleh had been slightly wounded in the back of the head by the outbreak, and several government sources said they would appear at a press conference or a speech to the people to prove that he was right. However, in the end only released an audiotape last night on state television with a message of Saleh in which he was seen having difficulty breathing thereby creating doubts about his health.

During the day today is lived on a calm environment in Sana'a with the start of a ceasefire under the auspices of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdelaziz, between government forces and tribal militants opposition leader Sadeq al Ahmar. Yesterday in the audio recording Saleh accused Al Ahmar, leader of the Hashed tribe, and his brothers of being behind the attack and claimed revenge against them, while the tribal chief denied any involvement in communication.

The clashes between forces of the regime and supporters of Al Ahmar erupted last May 23 after rejecting a third time Saleh signed an initiative presented by the Gulf countries for a peaceful transfer of power. Meanwhile, in the southern city of Taiz, the police chief of the province of the same name, was seriously injured today in an attack by an armed group, sources told Efe the security forces.

According to sources, General Abdullah Qeiran was attacked by armed men, allegedly belonging to the political opposition in the streets of Taiz, the second largest city of Yemen. Also, two officers were wounded by the impact of a mortar shell at the headquarters of the Political Security Department (secret service) in this area.

For its part, witnesses reported that an armed group looted the Provincial Council building Taiz after clashing with guards that institution. They were also raided offices of the state water company, the Supreme Electoral Commission and the official news agency Saba. Those attacks came after the Sunday security forces forcibly evicted thousands of opposition demonstrators in the square at Hurreya (freedom) in the center of Taiz, near the Provincial Council.

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