Saturday, June 4, 2011

Syria, the ultimate symbol of revolution is a child under 13 killed by the regime

The new symbol of the revolution in Syria is called Hamza al-Khatib. It is a child of 13 years. He was arrested April 29 during a protest in Saida, 10 km east of Dara, and May 24 the police have given back to the family his body mutilated and tortured. Hamza, who is from the village of Jizah, has become in spite of the most famous victim of the riots in Syria.

According to accounts of human rights activists and a video on YouTube, which has now been partly censored, the child has been subjected to torture. His body bloated show bullet wounds on his arms, cuts, eye blacks, bruises, a deep burn on his chest, bruises, signs compatible with the use of tools to electric shocks and whipping with cables made.

These two techniques of torture are well documented by Human Rights Watch during the three-month crackdown on protests in Syria. Hamza's neck was broken. His penis was cut off. For a month the family did not know where the child was or if and when it was released. "When the mother went to take her body was shown only the face of his son," said his cousin, who was present when the parents went to retrieve it.

"We told her father not to look at, but he pulled back the sheet. When he saw the body of Hamza has fainted. Many people are rushed and someone began to return to the scene. C 'was chaos. "Hamza was not involved in politics - says the cousin - but all were going to protest in the streets, so he's gone." He started to walk with your family and friends for the 12 km long road from home in Saida.

Here are the shooting started. "People were killed and wounded, many were taken away by the military. It was a big mess and we did not realize what happened to Hamza. It just disappeared. " The people shooting the video on YouTube is holding a banner on the coffin of the child that read: "The martyr, Hamza al-Khatib, killed by torture from the band of Assad." At the funeral, and invoke Allah in his memory on May 27 was declared Friday of children.

" After the body of Hamza was filmed, so as to witness the torture of the regime in the world, the child was buried in Jizah. No one has been able to reach relatives because her father Ali Hamza was jailed on Saturday and Wissam Tarif Kassem, director of the Insan human rights group said Monday that the uncle of the child and his brother were jailed.

On Facebook there are dozens of pages that show the chubby face of Hamza, including one in Arabic that the moment has more than 69,461 supporters and 12,773 in English which is titled "We are all Hamza al-Khatib." Hamza's case is raising great wave of protest throughout the country, so that even families who had participated in the riots are lining up against the regime.

That April 29 along with 50 other people Hamza disappeared, thrown into prison by the anti-terrorist division of the Air Force Intelligence, the Secret Service more efficient in the country, also very active in the suppression of rebellions against the regime of Bashar al-Assad organized by the Confraternity of Brothers Muslims.

This week ridati 13 bodies have been taken and all of the 51 people had been tortured. The Air Force Intelligence is famous for the torture in the coming days and expect 12 more bodies mutilated and tortured. According to the insane number of verified persons arbitrarily detained in Syria after the riots of 2843, the dead of 632.

The number of missing persons in prisons may exceed 8000, but since one of the city there are no viable means of communication, members dell'Insan not yet been able to verify all the names with their families. The Local Coordination Committees of Syria, a network of 15 local committees and human rights activists said that at least 25 children have been killed since mid-March.

The message system was intended to terrorize the families, punish and set an example and a deterrent to the protesters, just as happens with the gang rapes against women. Foreign journalists can not enter Syria, but according to the local and human rights activists there is no doubt the authenticity of the movie on Hamza.

Al-Dunia, the only private Syrian television, openly pro-regime, broadcast an interview with Akram al-Shaar, coroner of Tishreen Militarily Hospital in Damascus. According to al-Shaar marks on the body of Hamza are due to natural processes of decomposition and not to torture. The statements of the doctor they are very important because it is the first time a Syrian officer admits publicly that the civilians arrested during the crackdown in the area of Dara were transported to the prison in Damascus.

It is also a sign that the regime needs to public denials. In early May, the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies (DCHRS) said that the bodies of 244 civilians killed by military Daraa and wounded were transported to Tishreen Military Hospital in Damascus so that he could not receive appropriate treatment.

During the same period was discovered a mass grave with remains of 13 people, including women and children. Eight of them were identified as members of the family Abazied, under attack by the army during clashes in the old town of Dara. It was stopped people from farmers to identify the bodies and found the mobile phone was confiscated.

The 2011 report of Amnesty International says in Syria dissidents and human rights activists suffered arrest and imprisonment without due process and is prevented from leaving the country. On June 1, Human Rights Watch has released a document on probable crimes against humanity committed by the police Daraa.

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