Saturday, June 4, 2011

China faces many environmental challenges

China admits to problems in environmental protection. "The situation in China remains serious environmental and China is facing many challenges and difficulties," said Friday, the deputy environment minister, Li Ganji, when his department had its annual report before the World Environment Day on Sunday.

In 2010, 14 cases of heavy metal pollution have been recorded in various localities of China, Li said, and seven since the beginning of this year. Finally, the drought in the Yangtze river basin exacerbates the already serious pollution of lakes and tributaries of the largest river in China, Li said.

The Yangtze was at its lowest level in half a century and unusual drought which prevails in central China has forced authorities to stop the shipping on the middle river. The country is struggling to clean up its heavily polluted rivers, limiting the sources of industrial pollution, reduce land degradation and a better balance between economic growth and strong environmental protection, assured the Deputy Minister.

"We're in a period when pollution incidents occur frequently and where [the attacks] the environmental cause [problems] social every day," Li admitted. Demonstrations took place in late May in Inner Mongolia against overexploitation of underground mining companies by threatening the lifestyle of Mongolian nomads.

The government quickly responded to these problems by announcing measures to reduce the impact of mining on the environment, including pastures.

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