Saturday, June 4, 2011

Libya, Born: Military helicopters used for the first time against the forces of the regime "

NATO continues to strengthen its arsenal against the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. "Helicopters have been used in combat for the first time on June 4 in military actions on Libya," says the Alliance in a statement. The attacks were directed against "vehicles, equipment and military forces" of the government army.

The operation took part in the British Apache, while Paris has helped with the Tiger and the Gazelles. The helicopters, recalls NATO, provide the necessary "flexibility" to identify and neutralize attacks on civilians. "We will continue to use these resources when and where needed - said General Charles Bouchard, Commander of the NATO operation 'Unified Protector' in Libya - using the same precision we have in all our missions." "The success of the mission - he continued - demonstrates the unique capabilities exercised by attack helicopters." NATO forces, yet specify the Alliance in the press, "constantly reviewing their operations and use the means available" to "maintain the momentum and increase the pressure" on the strength of the rais.

Libya comes in the meantime the news of the desecration of the Italian cemetery in Tripoli, reported by Giovanna Ortu, president of the Italians repatriated from Libya. After decades of neglect, the cemetery had been restored and opened less than two years ago. The attackers probably true to Gaddafi, have tried unsuccessfully to force the monumental complex that houses the remains of 8 thousand Italians.

So they covered the walls of the cemetery written outrageous and destroyed the house of the caretaker. Also in the capital, witnesses also report new raid - this time during the day - the international coalition. The two strong explosions were felt in the city center, the other on the eastern outskirts.

A complaint comes instead from the Coptic Bishop of Matrouh and North Africa, Bakhomios Demetry: "Two Coptic churches" have been affected during the last "raid aircraft of NATO in the region. "One of the churches affected is that of San Giorgio di Misurata, the other is that of San Marco in Tripoli - said the bishop - but the raid did not cause casualties among the Coptic community in Libya." "There were no victims, but was destroyed a wall of the church of Misurata - added the high priest - while all the windows of the church in Tripoli were too high." "The Copts in Libya are still good - reassured - and the religious services continue as normal." "We are united to deplore the incident but also to pray - said the Catholic bishop of the capital, Monsignor Innocenzo Martinelli - because the violence to subside.

We were astonished by the failure of international diplomacy and, perhaps, by his injury makes it impossible to dialogue with the leadership of Tripoli. "

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