Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ollanta Humala, the transformation of the Peruvian Lula

The Brazilian advisor does not lose detail Ollanta Humala Humala while giving interviews to foreign journalists at the luxurious Hotel Los Delfines in Lima. Tall, gray, and a good conversationalist, Luis Favre is the man the Workers Party (PT) Lula da Silva sent to Peru to alienate the radical leftist Humala representing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and place it in orbit moderate left that voters identify with Lula himself or the president of Uruguay Jose Mujica.

The polls will judge the credibility of Humala and the work of Favre. Alvaro Vargas Llosa, the son of Mario Vargas Llosa Nobel, said on Saturday in a television program that the journey to the center of Humala in these elections did not start until five years ago, when he lost the presidency in a runoff against Alan GarcĂ­a.

Vargas Llosa said that after the defeat, Humala called his father to confess that he had made many mistakes. The most serious of all had been to link the Chavez political project. Today Humala vows to defend democracy and respect civil liberties and private property. Its transformation and convinced a lot Vargas Llosa and other intellectuals, to a legion of political analysts and, especially, 50% of Peruvian voters.

Nadine Heredia married father of three children, Humala has learned to his 48 years than the past is not erased in an instant. Besides bear a close relationship with Chavez in the past, the candidate also weighs the legacy of his father Isaac, creator of etnocacerista movement, which proclaims the power and the identity of pre-Hispanic Inca on the white man.

From his time as military suspected accompanying authoritarian behaviors. He is accused of having committed abuses against civilians in the Andean region of Huanuco in 1992, at the end of the war against Sendero Luminoso. He was tried and acquitted for lack of evidence. On October 1, 2000, the same day the incident former adviser to President Alberto Fujimori, Vladimiro Montesinos, fled Peru in a boat to escape justice, Humala led a revolt with his brother Antauro from a regiment in Locumba (in the southern region of Moquegua) against the Fujimori government.

After the fall of government, surrendered and was pardoned. In 2005, Antauro led a new coup after the assault on a police station in Andahuaylas. Antauro killing six people and ended up sentenced to 25 years in prison. Many criticize the nationalist candidate failing to condemn the bloody Andahuaylazo.

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