Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh wounded during fighting in Sanaa

Heavy fighting resumed Friday, June 3, in the city of Sanaa, between government forces and supporters of tribal leader Sadek al-Ahmar. After a brief lull, heavy fighting with heavy weapons broke out around the complex Hassabah, which is cut off the head of the tribe Hached Sadek Al-Ahmar, and the Presidential Palace.

This is the first time since the start of the challenge that President Saleh is attacked frontally. The European Union announced Friday it would coordinate the evacuation of its nationals. François-Xavier Trégan corresponding World Yemen says the tension in the capital Sanaa and fighting between supporters of President Saleh, slightly injured Friday, and the tribal confederation Hached.

Ali Abdullah Saleh and Prime Minister Ali Abdullah Saleh injured and Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Moujawar were wounded by shelling the presidential palace. This bombing killed seven people and wounded several others, including the imam of the mosque of the palace. The Yemeni official television broadcast Friday night a short audio message from the president in which he claimed to be doing well and being "healthy." He was treated at the hospital of the Ministry of Defence, according to an official plan.

Parliament Speaker and the Governor of Sana'a and the Deputy Prime Minister have also been affected. The last two are in critical condition, according to security services. A spokesman for the president's party has accused the tribal leader Sadek al-Ahmar to be responsible for the shooting.

"The Al-Ahmar has crossed all red lines," he said. In his speech, Saleh has called "the armed forces to clean up state institutions of these gangs." "It's an initiative to start a civil war in the country," replied the headman, who has denied being behind the attack. The attack was ordered on Friday night by the White House.

>> View our portfolio sound explaining the reasons for the attack on the tribe Hached heavy bombing, residents flee Sanaa Meanwhile, the fighting spread to the entire city. The Republican Guard, an elite corps of the Yemeni army, intensely bombed the residence of Sadiq Al-Ahmar and that of another tribal dignitary, Sheikh Hamid Al-Ahmar, in the district of Hassabah.

According to a contact in place, joined by Le Monde. com, access to the city are blocked by the military pro-Saleh to prevent any reinforcements for the troops of the opposition. He said that the fights are located around the base camps of President Saleh and secondly to Hassabah, headquarters of the clan Hached.

The rest of the city is quieter. The people of Sana'a trying to leave the city, according to this contact, fleeing including shortages of petrol, gas and electricity. Events under high tension after the denial of Al-Ahmar, the suspicions about another former ally of President, General Ali Mohsen, who defected in April and whose troops protect peaceful demonstrations in Sanaa of the opposition.

Armour's 1st Division were deployed at the entrances to the central square in Sana'a. Positions of the 1st Armored Division were also covered by shells, said the sources. The forces of General Ahmar remained far away from the battle between government forces and tribal fighters. A demonstration of supporters of President Saleh was scheduled Friday in Sanaa.

For their part, the protesters, whose numbers have declined considerably in recent days because of violence in Sanaa, have called for a demonstration of "loyalty to Taiz," big town in south-west, where a sit- Standing in Monday was dispersed by police at a price of fifty dead.

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