Saturday, June 4, 2011

Italian poetry is out, after all

On this very blog, on March 31, Francesco Di Bernardo urged, with a post entitled "A Literature of the Diaspora for the Italians, the development of a literary production that could give voice" to the new migration of young Italians. "I received many comments by Francis show that among the readers of the blog is a keen interest in this proposal.

Moreover, in this perspective we were working a few months ago we, through the group that we formed in early 2011, just with the intention of giving visibility to a few young writers who live in London and write from within the state socio-cultural dispatrio. This term seems particularly appropriate to indicate the experience somewhat alienating to those who emigrate and feels the need to get a sense of sharing related to their language and culture of origin.

Just because it does not identify a specific condition, the term "dispatrio" covers different interpretations representing a potential common basis for the multiple experiences of many young people who have left Italy. It is perhaps a feeling that comes from the overlap of nostalgia and nausea, certainly by the continuous oscillation of the point of view with which you have learned to live and, in some cases, you also need to tell.

The idea, after all (the name we chose for the group), is to create a space where those young Italian who feel the need to represent in some way their dispatrio can get together and create a possible writing of the diaspora. With this objective, we decided to organize a poetry reading titled The Italian poetry is out, after all, in collaboration with The Poetry Place, which will be held Saturday, July 2, 2011.

Authors who wish to participate in this event may send their texts to info. after all @ gmail. com by June 5. All interested parties are invited to attend the event, for more information and future updates refer to the blog Dopotuttonet. wordpress. com. This initiative wants London to be the beginning of a series of events and meetings in the future could include other European destinations.

Alessandro Mistrorigo Visiting Research Fellow at Queen Mary University of London Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at London Metropolitan University Association, after all, London

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