Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saudi Saud Saleh treats but this refuses to leave Yemen

The contradictory information on the whereabouts of the president of Yemen on Saturday encouraged the suspicion that the wounds he suffered on Friday were more serious than originally recognized. Throughout the day, the Deputy Information Minister Abdu al Janadi, denied that Ali Abdullah Saleh had been transferred to Saudi Arabia to be operated on as announced two Arab channels.

Saudi sources said, however, waiting for him. "Not yet, has responded to this newspaper a senior Yemeni official implying that it is not excluded that option. In fact, both the agency Efe quoted Saudi officials have since asserted that the policy was on its way. However, from Riyadh sources with access to the Saudi authorities have explained that Saleh has rejected his bid to be discussed in Riad and asked them to send surgeons to Sana'a.

After four months of popular response to remove him from power, the president left the country could embolden some of its rivals to attempt a coup. However, Western observers in Yemen minimize that possibility. "His children are still here," they say. Ahmed, the more heads the Republican Guard and Special Forces, Ali, without a known position, but is also connected to the Army, and his nephews Amar, Tarek Yehia and are in charge of National Security, Central Security and the Presidential Guard , respectively.

In any event, the mere fact that he has planned his move seems to indicate that Saleh suffered more than the "scratch" officially admitted. Several heads speak of "injuries to the face and neck, while the BBC quoted an anonymous source, according to which it is lodged in his heart a piece of shrapnel from 7.6 inches and second degree burns on the face and chest.

The prime minister and four others wounded dignitaries along with the president himself who were transferred to Saudi Arabia, whose hospitals are better equipped than those of Yemen, the poorest country in the region. The official news agency, Saba, reported that a plane had come to pick you up medicalized first thing in the morning.

Saba has also raised the death toll to 11 dead and 124 wounded, although it remains unclear the type of bullet used in the attack. Evacuation of embassies addition, the Saudis have made a new truce between Al Ahmar clan militiamen and soldiers loyal to Saleh. "Today has been relatively quiet," one resident admitted after Friday's bombing with which the military responded to the attack on the presidential palace.

At least 10 people were killed and dozens injured. The battle made first thing in the morning many residents leave the capital. Foreign embassies have also begun the repatriation of their nationals and the temporary closure of its offices. Some European diplomats complained about the lack of coordination and support from Brussels or the capitals.

Only Bulgaria has announced the dispatch of an aircraft on Thursday. The rest of the Europeans had to manage their own airline stocks, which closed the airline offices and disrupted Internet services is complicated.

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