Saturday, June 4, 2011

How organized Syrian dissidents

Antalya, correspondence - The day the online activists, as feared by the regime of Bashar al-Assad, have made discreet observers of political debate and wrangling between the Syrian opposition groups, meeting in Antalya, Turkey. But that night, until five o'clock in the morning, these young dissidents were in the lounge of the hotel, to refine their strategy for electronic resistance.

The computer propped on his knees, a dozen Syrian geeks from 20 to 30 years, share their findings and are calling via Skype - whose communications may be intercepted by the regime - their contacts in different Syrian cities, to collect the latest evidence. Ali, Hassan, Iyad and Michel did not know before they met on the sidelines of the conference.

They did not take long to agree. "We're going to extend the movement ', welcomes Iyad. Among this small group, Michael has come to Damascus and expects to return later. This young man of 25 says he started his political activities on Facebook "from 2007. "We created a group of friends. We're trying to film the security forces in the protests.

We register our own videos we put online later. Rediffusons We also videos found on other sites, shows t- he said. Arrested twice since April, Michael was questioned for five days for his activities on the Web. For Ahmad, the founder of Súriy Devrim (Revolution Syrian), these meetings will enable young founders cyberactivists Syrian "constitute an organized network, with an eye in each city, and effectively disseminate images of events." Guillaume Perrier

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