Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pakistan, killed a commander of the U.S. refugee center QaedaDrone Ilyas Kashmiri

The United States has launched a new attack against Islamic terrorism. A U.S. drone has killed Ilyas Kashmiri, 47, leader of the extremist religious movement Harkatul Jihad al Islami (Hji), an organization that is believed linked to al Qaeda. The attack occurred on a village in South Waziristan, Pakistan's northwestern tribal region, where Kashmiri and his men had moved about ten days.

The victims of the drone would be at least nine, while three others were injured. The commander of the Islamic death was confirmed by a spokesman dell'Hji. Kashmiris had already been arrested in 2004 on suspicion of having played a role in an attack against the then Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

Later released, he came to the movement of Taliban and al Qaeda, in which he created his own group: the 'Brigade 133', feared by experts in international security. On his head was hanging from a size U.S. 5 million dollars. The Islamist leader is alleged to have played a role in the attack on 22 May at the base of Mehran Pakistan Navy in the area of Karachi in southern Pakistan.

Considered one of the most active and ruthless commanders close to al Qaeda, and shows how the mind of another attack, held in Mumbai in 2008 and which has caused almost 200 victims. He may have had a role in several attacks in Europe.

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