Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brazil .- About 1,000 firefighters Brazilians take their headquarters in downtown Rio to seek better pay

BRASILIA, 4 Jun. Brazilian Some 1,000 firefighters have invaded this past night the headquarters of the General Command of the Fire Department in the Plaza of the Republic of Rio de Janeiro to demand a raise. The protesters managed to shut down all access to the barracks and blocked the entrance with their own fire trucks and hoses, Seguin reports O Globo.

The movement's spokesman, Corporal Benevenuto Daciolo, prepared on demonstrators to "passive resistance" to the internvención Military Police and has ensured that the entrenched media will not leave the barracks until "a government authority" meet their demands. "We will leave here when you get someone with power of decision as a governor or lieutenant governor," said Daciolo, during what is the first manifestation of the fire after the failure of negotiations started on 25 May with the State Secretary of Planning , Sergio Ruy Barbosa.

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