Saturday, June 4, 2011

Arrested in Mexico to a former mayor of Tijuana with an array

Neither his 19 children, or his fondness for fermented tequila tiger penis, and its immense economic power that includes hotels, dozens of gambling houses and even a newly promoted football club made him a special character. What really attracted the attention of Jorge Hank Rhon, 55, former mayor of Tijuana and a member of a prominent family PRI was untouchable status.

Commonly suspected of murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, smuggling of exotic animals, "always came out unscathed. Until, at three in the morning of Saturday, the Mexican army entered one of their homes and found a weapons arsenal consists of 40 long, 48 short, 70 magazines, more than 9,000 cartridges and a grenade.

Next to the former mayor of Tijuana (2004-2007), the military arrested 11 other individuals, also in possession of firearms. The engineer Hank Rhon has always lived surrounded by exotic animals, escorts and suspicion. In fact, in 1988 was investigated for the murder of journalist Héctor Félix Miranda, co-founder of Zeta magazine.

Miranda's murderers were two security guards of the Tijuana racetrack, which then directed the Hank family, but the employer left scot-free. A few years later, in 1995, was arrested at the airport in Mexico City with luggage full of objects of ivory, precious stones and four tiger-skin coats.

Also escaped. Both his proverbial escapism as the ease with which his family was graced with awards as profitable as the Tijuana racetrack attributed to his membership in the powerful PRI? The dominant party in Mexico until 2000?, Of which his father, Carlos Hank González , was a leading figure and to Governor of the State of Mexico.

But the fortunes of Jorge Hank could have finished at three in the morning of Tijuana-nine hours in mainland Spain. Fifty soldiers spotted dozens of firearms in one of the properties of their employer. Then went to his house and arrested him. According to his lawyer, Oscar Tellez, the former mayor was taken from his home as they found him in his underwear, and just gave him a blanket to keep warm.

The lawyer said that neither the arrest nor the record of backing tracks available warrants. In any case, if confirmed, possession of an array is an offense for which bail is not covered. Jorge Hank would face the trial from prison. Given that Mexico is pre-election period, the arrest of prominent PRI and is viewed with suspicion by some sectors, they suspected a ploy by the government right to attack the PRI.

In fact, the president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Humberto Moreira, Saturday did not hesitate to come out in defense of Hank "is a companion PRI, yes, and was an outstanding mayor. We will not allow a witch hunt or an act of intimidation against our members. " The root of suspicion is: if you knew for decades that the goings-Jorge Hank, why is stopped just in time can do more damage to your party? The well-founded distrust of the system and those who manage part of the reality of Mexico.

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