Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Libya, Frattini opened new premises of the consulate in Benghazi, "Gaddafi is over"

"Gaddafi is over, the Rais have to leave the power and the country." The Minister for Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini in Benghazi for the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Italian consulate. During the visit, the Minister met with Libyan leaders of the Transitional National Council and discussed the next steps to deal with the regime and supporting the rebels.

First of all, "hundreds of millions of euro that are necessary for the people" and that comes through Unicredit, and "an enormous amount of fuel" with Eni. Operations, said Frattini, will be guaranteed by the Libyan assets frozen in Italy after penalties to the top of the Gaddafi regime.

"Billions of euro," he said. The minister, during a visit to Benghazi, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the CNT. In the document, both parties also undertake to facilitate the control and verification of the conditions of safety and operation of equipment, oil and other energy infrastructure in the region.

Together with public and private, then Italy and CNT predisporanno the conditions necessary to restart economic activity Libya. The thawing of the assets will be discussed at the next meeting of the Contact Group, set for June 9 in Abu Dhabi. "In this sense we are working with the Commission for UN sanctions - added Frattini - to overcome some legal aspects".

The assets frozen, according to the minister, may be regarded as collateral to create temporary loans in favor of the CNT. Example hopes that Italy will be followed by other countries. A shift of the interventions was then dedicated to the political future of Libya. The senior regime officials who have defected in recent days, "are giving valuable information in Rome, which shows that Gaddafi is no more than 15-20 per cent of its military capability," said Frattini.

For the Minister, even the disappearance of Gaddafi, who appears occasionally on TV but is in a hidden location, "is a sign of a scheme to end." "We hope that you accept a decent solution - said the minister - that was envisaged in exchange for power and the country." International interest, he said, is for a political solution, not the "manhunt".

From the United Nations, however, there's "horrible news of sexual violence against women, including gang rapes committed by military forces" Libyan. The said Lynn Pascoe, Head of Political Affairs of the UN at a meeting of the Security Council. Pascoe took stock of the situation in Libya, as happens now every month since the riots.

Speaking of human rights violations, the senior official has warned about the gang rapes by soldiers, stressing that the government in Tripoli has "total disregard for basic human rights" and that is "particularly shocking." While the authorities of the Libyan capital come the accusations against NATO: according to data reported by the spokesman Ibrahim Mussa, in the raid of the Alliance from March 19 to May 26 civilians were killed and 718 others were injured 4 thousand.

"See you next time in a Tripoli freed." So Franco Frattini welcomed the representatives of the CNT, before returning to Rome. The Digos Perugia has meanwhile blocked the action of two nationals from Libya and pro-Qaddafi, against the country's embassy in Rome. The two young men had stopped going to lift the flag of the CNT and the Embassy to expel by force the government's diplomatic representative in Benghazi.

At the center of the investigation, that for the investigators is a small group and tested pro-Rais, accused of having put in place violence and threats against opponents of the regime.

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