Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Knight as the father of PlayboyAll'estero all agree: "Mr. B at the end "

NEW YORK - "Just Bunga Bunga." With this title, the prestigious weekly magazine The New Yorker notes (or perhaps hopes) the end of the Knight. The summary asks: "The Italians have had enough of Silvio Berlusconi and his hedonism?". Author of the article, published yesterday and is available online Ariel Levy, an editor of the New Yorker who has spent years studying "culture of appearances" and "objectification of the female body," the United States and elsewhere.

Six years ago, Levy has published a book called "Female chauvinist Pigs (Pigs, female chauvinist), which focuses on" Women and the rise of vernacular culture. " Just for the experience in this field, she was asked to write his "Letter from Italy" already passed before the eyes of thousands of Americans who are maybe guessed the comparison with a "Hugh Hefner in decline": the reference is the founder of Playboy magazine, who is now 85 years old.

The long article - the New Yorker contains a few pieces each week, which occupy several pages and are excellent - remember that Nadia Macri, one of the girls who had a sexual relationship with, is now a star of a pornographic film "Bunga Bunga 3d. The Levy focuses first on the female protagonists of the story: Paolo Boccardi, Ruby's attorney, Ilda Boccassini, the prosecutor.

Then the story grows up thinking about Italy, its history, its society. The American journalist has spoken directly with different actors: Giuliano Ferrara, the same lawyer Boccardi, Emma Bonino, Fedele Confalonieri. This says that if Berlusconi once was a womanizer, now appears "a little dilapidated, like a building." The metaphor is accompanied by a laugh.

There is also the story of friction Veronica Lario, on her breasts and how the young knight falls in love. Confalonieri is among those interviewed that speaks more to the Levy compares the Boccassini to Kenneth Starr, the American prosecutor who investigated Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

If the New Yorker devotes a long discussion with Mr. B, the other American newspapers is limited to election news and forecasts for the future. The Associated Press, the largest American news agency, coalesced with Germany's Deutsche Presse-Agentur and taken up by local newspaper Stars and Stripes (here by a California newspaper), the article begins by stating that "the defeat on Monday, puts in doubt the ability of the Italian government to get to the end of the mandate which ends in 2013.

" In Britain, Her Majesty's subjects have read that "Silvio Berlusconi is facing humiliation because the mayor of Milan backing a left." So the site of the liberal Guardian headline, that "some political opponents, these results mark the beginning of the end for Knight. The new mayor of Milan, the newspaper said that "his victory is all the more remarkable because it was not the choice of the mainstream of the Democratic Party," and that the past lawyer "is tinged with radicalism: once defended Pisapia the Kurdish separatist party.

" The British newspaper The Telegraph, more conservative, dedicated to Berlusconi article and several videos with Ruby as the protagonist. The settimanaleDer Spiegel, in its website in English, has a reflection on "sex and power." Photos accompanying the article by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Bill Clinton and our premier, with classical statues, half-naked, in the background.

The men in leadership positions, is the thesis of the Dutch scientist interviewed, have a libido that is not easily stop. The expert, Johan van der Dennen, recalls Henry Kissinger - "power is a great aphrodisiac" - and common sense: "In the end - support - power corrupts comuque, if you'll pardon the cliche."

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