Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Freedom Flottille, A new shipment to Gaza a year after blitz, Israel studying reaction

Manifestation of the Roman system that adheres to the 'Freedom Flotilla' blitz against Israel's May 31, 2010 on ships of the pro-Palestinian activists' s been exactly one year since 610 activists from different countries, including six Italians, have tried to violate the Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip on six boats traveling.

An expedition, that of 'Freedom Flottille', completed in blood after the confrontation with Israeli forces, which intercepted the ship in international waters of the Mediterranean. Nine pro-Palestinian killed, dozens wounded on board the largest of the six boats, the Mavi Marmara. One year after the violence, the activists announced a new start within a month.

And this time the boats would be 15. Passengers of the 'Freedom Flottille II' are not willing to give up, especially after the reopening of the Rafah crossing with Egypt to the Gaza Strip. An ad that has alarmed the Israeli authorities, especially after the announcement dell'Ihh - turkish association Islamic militant who last year initiated the sending of the Mavi Marmara - wanted to "honor the memory of his nine" martyrs "killed Israeli raids in the last May 31.

US-backed government of Benyamin Netanyahu was chosen as the first road through the diplomatic channel, launching appeals in all directions so that the consignment is prevented or at least discouraged. But if, as appears likely, the conviction of the Israeli premier was not enough to stop the departure of the 'Freedom Flottille II', this time is not ruled out a possible act of force.

Only revised from that of 2010. The average of the exercises refer to the Israeli navy to guard the sea blockade imposed on Gaza. In training - writes in Haaretz military analyst Amos Harel - are also involved reservists. The goal is to "focus on containment measures for any actions of passive resistance activists.

The use of force would therefore be a "last resort". The important thing is to avoid "mistakes" made a year ago, as admitted even by the time an internal technical committee. But a sort of 'boarding', like that of last May 31, is considered necessary: None of the military feels that in this case to exclude a repetition of the international controversy about the use of force by Israel.

Especially from Turkey, former Israeli strategic partners, more and more distant.

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