Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vargas Llosa breaks with the 'El Comercio' to favor Fujimori

The writer Mario Vargas Llosa today urged the country ceasing to send his Sunday column Touchstone the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, which it accuses of "manipulating information" and have become a "propaganda machine Keiko Fujimori's candidacy ". The Nobel Prize in literature supports presidential candidate Ollanta Humala, whom he considers a lesser evil to the possibility of governing the country Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori, currently in prison for human rights crimes and corruption.

After requesting the termination of its collaboration with El Comercio, the novelist has written a letter to the newspaper's editor, Francisco Miro Quesada, and various means of Peru, which explains why it had asked COUNTRY, owner of the rights to their Articles Sunday, who canceled his collaborations with El Comercio.

"From a handful of shareholders, led by Martha Meier Miró Quesada, took over the newspaper and the group of TV channels and newspapers he owns, the newspaper has become a propaganda machine in the candidacy Keiko Fujimori, in an effort to prevent by all means the victory of Ollanta Humala, daily violates the most elementary notions of objectivity and journalistic ethics: mute and manipulates information, distorts the facts, is looking to the lies and slander that may damage the opponent while the entire media group is dismissed or intimidated independent journalists, and are used to the attacks and cheap shots of the worst living lampoons the sensationalism and scandal.

I can not let Touchstone my column still appear in this caricature of what should be an organ of expression genuinely free, pluralist and democratic, "says Vargas Llosa in his letter to the editor of the publication and which has been echoed several means of Lima, and has had access COUNTRY.

Vargas Llosa says finally departs from the newspaper El Comercio "a second time and permanently." Sources of the media group to El Comercio reported that its daily El Pais has published so far, all columns of Vargas Llosa, even those that expressly advocated the vote for Humala. The latest election polls, published on Sunday, reflecting a hard-fought contest between two candidates and gave a narrow lead of between one and three points to Fujimori.

Another survey, the company Imasen, published by the newspaper La República, Humala gave him advantage, so that uncertainty will remain until Sunday, when the second round, before the high percentage of undecided voters.

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