Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Attack by Al Qaeda captured city

Warplanes Air Force bombed the city Yemeni Zinjibar that is taken by members of Al Qaeda (The Base), leaving 30 dead. Residents said aircraft bombed insurgent positions, but also hit buildings. Opposition leaders accused President Ali Abdullah Saleh to allow al Qaeda militants took the southern city of Zinjibar, located along the Gulf of Aden.

Members of The Base arrived on Friday to the city and carried out attacks that killed at least 18 people. The presence of members of the terrorist organization fired alarms in neighboring Saudi Arabia, which fears a civil war in the country. Saleh's forces continued yesterday to crack down on protesters demanding his ouster.

The channel Al Jazeera reported that only in the city of Taiz, 57 killed in recent days. Tanks attacked at night with protesters who tried to refocus on the Freedom Square in Sana'a, the capital. Human rights organizations estimate that at least 300 Yemenis have been killed since February, when the protests began inspired by the riots that toppled the dictator of Tunisia and Egypt.

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