Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Warning shot for Silvio Berlusconi in Milan and Naples

Rome Correspondent - More than a defeat, a rout. The results of the second round of municipal elections, which closed Monday, May 30, a heavy penalty for Silvio Berlusconi, who wanted the election into "a national test." At 17 hours, counting on a projectionseffectuées yet confirmed the partial defeat of the candidate of his party, The People of Freedom (PDL), and the triumph of the opposition.

In Milan, Giuliano Pisapia, candidate of the Democratic Party was leading with 55% of the vote against the outgoing mayor, Letizia Moratti. And former magistrate Luigi de Magistris needed face Gianni Lettieri, with more than 65% of the vote. Other cities such as Trieste, Cagliari, Novara, Grosseto, Crotone, Pordenone should switch to the left.

"There will be a reflection on the vote but the vote is inconsequential," said Fabrizio Cicchito hot, chairman of LDP members in the Assembly. "As regards the Northern League, we are waiting to know what will decide the loser in this election, namely Silvio Berlusconi," he said on television, the director of the newspaper La Padania, the party organ autonomy, the main ally of Mr Berlusconi.

PERSONAL LOSS The loss is obviously first and foremost the president of the Council. By improvising campaign manager, dictating the tone and themes for speeches by candidates, Mr. Berlusconi has focused on the front line, confident in its ability to return the situation most compromised.

In Milan, her hometown and the window of his professional and political success, he urged his relatives to be aggressive vis-à-vis the left candidate, Giuliano Pisapia. It has not failed either to attack the judges of the court before which he is prosecuted for corruption control (Mills case) and tax fraud (Case Mediatrade) pending the trial of "Rubygate" (abuse of power and incentive minor into prostitution).

So far, the private scandals and affairs seemed to have no impact on the electoral challenges of Cavaliere. Despite the revelation in 2009 of a prostitution ring in his service, Mr. Berlusconi had safely crossed the 2010 regional elections, which even at its historic ally, the Northern League, to grab the governance of two regions, Veneto and Piedmont.

Recognizing the "baraka election" of President of the Council, the Northern League has never, despite some temper tantrums, thought to denounce the agreement that binds with Mr Berlusconi. What will happen tomorrow? Member of government with four cabinet ministers, leading a dozen provinces, two regionset hundreds of municipalities with the LDP, the party northerner, separatist and anti-immigrant, he means to go it alone, what encouraged him to growing its supporters? To the left and the Democratic Party (PD), victories in Milan and Naples are welcome after a series of three defeats (laws of 2008 and 2009 European Regional 2010) marked by an incessant ballet of leaders.

But they are also paradoxical. In the economic capital of Italy, as in that of the Mezzogiorno, this is not the "official candidate" of the left who are taxed but outsiders from other parties, it has chosen willy-nilly to support. Philippe Ridet

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