Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The UN condemns the brutal repression in Syria

Navi Pillay, High Commissioner of the United Nations for Human Rights, denounced Monday, May 30, the "brutality" of the suppression of uprisings in Syria and Libya said it was "shocking". She was speaking at the opening of the 17th session of the Council of Human Rights. "The brutality and scale of measures taken by governments in Libya and now in Syria have been particularly shocking in their absolute disregard for basic human rights," Pillay said before the forty-seven member states of the Council.

"The use of excessive or deadly force against peaceful demonstrators not only violates the fundamental rights, including the right to life, but serves to exacerbate tensions and tends to engender a culture of violence," she said. The High Commissioner also called again on Damascus to let its territory, a UN mission charged with investigating violations of human rights in suppressing the uprising.

His preliminary report to be presented June 15 This survey was requested by the Board on April 29 during a special session on Syria. Faced with an unprecedented movement of protest against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, the authority has sent the army in recent weeks in different cities, including Tall Kalakh (150 km northwest of Damascus), Homs (Centre) , Baniyas (Northwest) and Dera (South), outbreaks of rebellion.

Eleven civilians, including a girl were killed and hundreds injured Sunday in the region of Homs, where several cities were still encircled by the army, according to a new toll released Monday by an activist for human rights. "The number of civilians killed Sunday in towns and Rastan Talbisseh by fire from security forces now stands at eleven," said the militant, who has a list of names of those killed.

"The searches were continuing in this region including Talbisseh," he said. "The wounded were hospitalized in Hama," because the roads leading to Homs were cut off by the police, said the activist. Sunday at dawn, dozens of tanks have encircled and Talbisseh Rastan, near Homs, and the village of Teir Maaleh, situated between Homs and Hama, said activists.

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