Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Israel will strengthen its influence and control in disputed Jerusalem

Israel will strengthen its influence and control in disputed Jerusalem, a city that considers its eternal and undivided capital, but which the Palestinians claim the eastern part as well as the capital of a state to be created. Sacred to the three monotheistic religions, the dispute over her back to the grill on the occasion of the celebration next Wednesday's Jerusalem Day, in which Israelis mark in style to unify the city in 1967.

"This has been since always the capital of the Jewish people, our hearts, no people, no matter how holy they regard it had neither the capital of anything he wanted, "said Daniel Hartman, an Israeli-origin religion, to participate in a ceremony Monday tribute to the city. In the center, is one of many events planned this week by the local government and national government to celebrate the anniversary of unification.

Israel seeks we strengthen its presence throughout the city to understand the world that has no intention of returning to divide. Just last week, in a speech in Congress, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that "Jerusalem will never be divided", ie two sovereignties to be low as before the Six Day War.

On Sunday his government special session adopted a structural development plan of over 100 million dollars which strengthens the attractiveness of the city and attract more Jewish population reassure the future under one flag, the Israeli. " It shows that we have no partner in Israel to make peace, "the plan said Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, who described it as" the project to support Judaizing Jerusalem and settlements.

" In the municipal perimeter of Jerusalem, under Israeli law, home to more than three quarters of a million people, spread over two-thirds of Jewish residents and a third of Palestinians. Historically the latter are concentrated in the eastern part of the city that between 1948 and 1967 was under Jordanian flag, but the progressive colonization of the area has now made a two-thirds of Jews, about 250 thousand people live there too barrios-settlements.

"We have taken everything. If you put the eye in a building in a Palestinian neighborhood, we ended up staying with the whole neighborhood," said Fawaz, a Palestinian from A-Tur between Jews working in a hotel the western part of Israel. His district, like many others of this, has a presence of Jewish settlers and their fear is that "until the creation of a Palestinian state, Israel finished Judaizing the city and there is nothing to complain about our capital." In 14 No Arab ever dared to look askance towards Jerusalem.

By contrast, Jews around the world pray towards Jerusalem from the Romans threw us out of here, "said Dor Magen, Daniel mate, rescuing all the ideals of the Zionist movement. He said "pronounce his name dozens of times daily in our prayers, and therefore a national movement founded on the idea of Zion." What complicates matters further is that neither the religious point of view helps to solve the problem.

Jerusalem is home to the holiest site in Judaism, the Western Wall, the most important Christian holy sites, including the Holy Sepulchre, and the third holiest Islamic site, the Al-Aqsa Mosque. An explosive mix that makes Jerusalem has been the driving force of conflict for 20 centuries and thousands of miles away.

"Religious freedom for all can only be guaranteed under Israeli sovereignty," said Netanyahu, who like the vast majority of Israelis is unable to give the Palestinians a part of the city containing the largest Jewish shrine. To express support for the idea of a Jerusalem Israel only, despite the demands of partition of the international community and the Palestinians, thousands of Israelis marched through the streets of the city between now and Wednesday, holding events to capture their presence.

A right-wing lawmaker of the ruling party on Monday even brought to Parliament a bill that names Hebraicized all-Jewish neighborhoods and Arabs alike, and requiring all media to use new names to propose a group of experts. "Our goal is to strengthen the link with Jerusalem by forcing everyone to use the Hebrew names," he wrote in his proposal Tzipi Jotobeli Deputy of the Likud party.

A strategy known as a city that was conquered over 20 times throughout its history, and in which all the conquerors tried to make their mark erasing the previous.

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