Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Southern Mongolia: a website breaks the silence of the Chinese media

Xilinhot (Inner Mongolia, China), Special Envoy - Established in 2002 and based in New York, the main site of the Mongolian dissident in exile, the SMHRIC, was the first to report, May 19, killing a farmer Mongolia in a remote village Xiwuqi by employees of a mining company. The website of the Information Centre on Human Rights in Southern Mongolia then recounted the events that have occurred since May 23 to Xilinhot, Inner Mongolia, China, and in towns that are attached to this capital league (the equivalent of a prefecture elsewhere in China).

On the night of May 10 to 11, Mergen, age 35, and a group of Mongolian herders, have tried to stop convoys of trucks pass through their pastures to reach the coal mine Jilingol. The confrontation lasted a whole day in front of the local police. Around midnight, after having insulted, drivers of vehicles belonging to the ethnic majority Han Chinese, have dark Mergen and dragged his body over hundreds of meters.

The manner in which the farmer has been killed, and degrading remarks attributed to the truckers - they have declared that "the life of a Mongolian farmer who stinks that would cost them 400,000 yuan" - explain that the case has aroused so strong emotion among the Mongols. The site was then widely SMHRIC relayed details and photos of events held at Xiwuqi, Xilinhot, Xianghuangqi Zhenlangqi and then beyond.

He also gave a program of steps ahead, which would culminate on May 30 with simultaneous demonstrations in several cities in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which Hohhot, the capital. The control of colleges and universities, curly night and day, intense efforts to discourage students from "agitated" and the police mobilization contributed to restore calm.

The highest authorities of the Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia are also intervened, promising to convict the guilty, who were arrested. Hu Chunhua, the leader of the autonomous region, was thus rendered, Friday, May 27, in a school for young Xiwuqi Mongols that "the dignity and rights of victims and their families will be strongly defended." A Xilinhot, local media have widely reported the incident on May 11 and May 15 that (a local resident, Han Chinese, was also killed in a dispute with a mining company that operates the site Manitou north of Xilinhot).

The media refer to the two cases under the code name of "5.11" and "5.15". But elsewhere in China, no media has even mentioned these incidents, or demonstrations that followed. The Xinhua news agency on the subject are inaccessible. On the microblog service Chinese Weibo, the equivalent of Twitter, a search with the term "Inner Mongolia" in Chinese displays the message: "According to the regulations and policies in force, the search result is not displayed.

Amuerji (or Xuebo Guo), a Mongolian writer based in Beijing, announced May 30 he closed his blog for all his notes on the events of Inner Mongolia have been erased. On the website it says: "I said closing my blog on Sina. Bye bye Sina, Bye Bye Internet!" Read also in the area of the site bbc Subscribers.

com and in the edition dated Tuesday 31 May available on newsstands this Monday, May 30 from 3:00 p.m.: Brice Pedroletti

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