Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pedophilia: the Belgian bishops agree to compensate victims

The bishops and superiors of religious orders of the Belgian Catholic Church undertook, Monday, May 30, to compensate victims of pedophile priests, saying "conscious of their moral responsibility" in the scandals that have rocked the kingdom over the past year . "The bishops and religious superiors acknowledge frankly that these facts are all the more painful that the perpetrators are members of the Church bear a moral authority that should have copies of respect for the trust placed in them "they say in a statement.

"Conscious of their moral responsibility and expectation of society towards them, bishops and religious superiors are committed to ensuring recognition of victims and adopt remedial measures for their suffering. So they are determined to restore victims' dignity and provide them with financial compensation according to their needs, "they add.

The bishops spoke in response to the work of a parliamentary commission created in late 2010 after the revelation of hundreds of cases of sexual abuse by priests in Belgium. This commission recommended the end of March to the Catholic Church in Belgium to set up a "committee of arbitration" which could lead to compensation for victims.

"Following the proposal of the committee, the bishops and religious superiors are willing to cooperate with experts of the Monitoring Committee (created in the wake of the parliamentary committee), the establishment of some form of disciplinary proceedings arbitration, for acts prescribed in which the courts can not know, "the statement said.

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