Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ratko Mladic is extradited and convicted all'AjaArrestati other war criminals

Ratko Mladic is extradited. This was announced by the Minister of Justice of Serbia, Snezana Malovic, confirming its presence in the afternoon on a plane bound for The Hague. His transfer was decided in the morning by the judges of the Special Court for war crimes in Belgrade, which rejected the appeal of Milos Salja, defender of the former military leader of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia, creator of the siege of Sarajevo and Srebrenica massacre.

The lawyer had filed an appeal yesterday against the decision to extradite to the ICC in The Hague, which had issued an international warrant for arrestro Mladic for genocide and crimes against humanity. The former general, fugitive for 15 years, was arrested last Thursday. His lawyer has also filed today a new medical certificate on the state of health of the "Executioner of Srebrenica", a move which is not served to convince the judges.

Meanwhile entries are still chasing the health of Ratko Mladic. Under the assumption of his alleged cancer, is now added to the declarations of the Serbian daily Kurir cousin of the former general, Branislav Mladic, who has hosted at his home in Lazar - North Eastern Serbia - where he was arrested.

"Twenty days ago I found him lying in the bath tub - he said - most likely had another stroke." Version also confirmed by former military chief counsel and other family members, who reported two or three strokes of Mladic in recent years. Events that would explain his motor problems and almost paralyzed the right side of his body.

Weakened in the body, the creator of the siege of Sarajevo, however, does not waive the requirements. After you know who wants to be transferred before the ICC with his general's uniform, this morning visited the grave of his daughter Ana, who committed suicide in 1994. As the last wishes before extradited then asked to play a game of chess with Bruno Vekaric, the Serbian deputy for war crimes.

"He has the same age as my son Darko," said Mladic. Vekaric It has already had several occasions of contact with the fugitive super, known as the prison visit in which the deputy has agreed to the request of strawberries "Executioner of Srebrenica." The arrest of Mladic gave new impetus to the capture and conviction of several others responsible for violence during the war in Bosnia.

Today the Bosnian police announced the arrest last night in Visegrad - East Bosnia - the Bosnian Serb Oliver Krsmanovic, considered one of the leaders of war crimes committed in the city during the conflict in Bosnia and sentenced by a court in Belgrade the killing of 16 Muslims Sjeverin, Serbia.

In October 1992, 15 Muslim men and a woman of Sjeverin were taken off the bus traveling to Priboj, in so far as the road crosses the Republika Srpska - the Serb-majority entity in Bosnia - from soldiers of the group paramilitary named 'Osvetnici', the avengers, under the command of Milan Lukic.

Brought to Visegrad, the 16 Muslims were brutally tortured and then killed with automatic weapons and knives on the banks of the Drina and their bodies thrown into river. For this crime, the court in Belgrade in 2005 was sentenced to 15 years in prison, and Djordje Sevic imposed a sentence of 20 years Dragutin Dragicevic.

Sentenced in absentia even Milan Lukic and Oliver Krsmanovic. Five more 'Avengers' who participated in the massacre were never identified. Lukic was arrested in Argentina in 2005 and later sentenced to life imprisonment by the International Tribunal in The Hague. Also today, finally, the judges of the special court in Sarajevo has sentenced a Bosnian Croat Miroslav Anic to 15 years imprisonment for war crimes committed in the Vares and Kiseljak, near Sarajevo during the Bosnian war.

Anic, former member all'Hvo (Croatian Defence Council), has bargained punishment and was found guilty of having participated in killings, torture, looting and destruction of property against Muslim civilians in the villages Grahovci, Han-Ploce, Stupná Do and Luke, where in 1993 some 70 people were killed.

The attack on the village of Stupná Do in October 1993 was led by Ivica Rajic, who was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

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