Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Merkel angers Irn through your space to prevent areo

Angela Merkel's trip to India has led to a diplomatic incident with Iran. Occurred early Monday, when the country banned from crossing its airspace by aircraft of the German chancellor, heading to New Delhi to begin his official visit early in the morning. According to Berlin, had requested all relevant permits, but the Iranian aviation authorities denied it and forced the aircraft to divert to Turkey and turning for an hour and a half, the time it took the team to achieve the president the green light Tehran.

The Merkel government spokesman, Steffen Seibert, says that even thought to land in Ankara amid fears that the fuel was exhausted. The episode, which would have been anecdotal if not involved Iran country under international sanctions over its nuclear program, "has sparked anger in Berlin.

"It's a lack of respect for Germany we are not willing to tolerate," said Germany's Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, who considered that action "violates all international practice" and has summoned Tehran's ambassador to demand an explanation . This, so far, been limited to providing "technical and organizational reasons." A leading factor to consider Berlin blockade was not due to technical problem or just a misunderstanding: a second plane carrying German ministers and secretaries went through Iran without problems shortly before he attempted to do that of Merkel.

Merkel, however, has refused to add fuel to the fire and in his first appearance after landing in India, jointly with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has said he was "very happy to have come without obstacles." "Everything ended well and we were able to hold the summit between Germany and India, which is the most important thing," he underlined.

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