Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brasil/Francia.- recover more than half of the bodies of the Air France plane that hit the Atlantic

MADRID, 31 May. A total of 75 bodies have just been recovered from the wreckage of Air France which fell into the Atlantic in 2009, which the researchers have already pulled 125 bodies from the ocean, more than half of the 228 passengers who died in the accident, as reported by the VP of the association of French victims, Robert Soulas.

Speaking to the string 'CNN', and collected by World Daily Buzz, Soulas has stated that the recovered remains have not yet been identified, and noted again his "desire" to leave the bodies of the dead at sea, avoiding the process of rescuing them. About 50 bodies were recovered in the days after the accident, while many others could not be rescued because they were involved from the fuselage, the researchers explained the accident.

Air France pilots who fell into the Atlantic tried for four minutes that the device does not crash into the sea, an event that ultimately was killing its 228 occupants of 32 different nationalities, including 72 French and 59 Brazilians.

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