Monday, April 11, 2011

War in Libya: rebels conquer Adschdabija again

The rebels in Libya, be strong: After heavy fighting they declare themselves to be taken the city Adschdabija again. Also in Misurata, therefore they have an attack of Gadhafi troops repulsed. The Libyan rebels are engaged in more heavy fighting with soldiers of the despot Muammar al-Gaddafi.

The insurgents celebrated here on Monday, military success. In the east, they took the city back Adschdabija, such as media reported the rebels. They also stated their fighters in the western city of Misurata had managed to repel an attack by the Gaddafi troops. Meanwhile, it remained unclear what will become of the peace initiative of the African Union (AU).

After Gaddafi had received on Sunday evening, a high-level AU delegation, announced the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, on the night a surprise departure. He called it "obligations that force me to leave." Some of the insurgents interpreted this as evidence that Zuma, the tribe is the only member of the delegation of a "democratic country", was disillusioned after the meeting with Gaddafi.

The delegation, which included the heads of state of Mauritania, Mali and the Congo wanted to talk on Monday with the rebels in the east of Libya. These are opposed to any proposal that provides no renunciation of power Gaddafi and his sons. The AU wants to bring about a ceasefire and dialogue with the Libyan leadership of the rebels in Tripoli.

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