Monday, April 11, 2011

A shooting at a shopping center in the Netherlands killed seven people

A man in his twenties opened fire Saturday afternoon in a crowded shopping center of Alphen aan den Rijn, in the western Netherlands, killing six people and wounding eleven, before committing death, according to the latest official toll. Gunfire rang out Saturday around noon "Ridderhof" mall "lively" on Saturday, where many "families with children" do their shopping, "said Eenhoorn.

"A man with a machine gun opened fire on the crowd (...) before killing himself," he added. According to Kitty Nooy, prosecuting officer, "the killer is a resident of Alphen aan den Rijn experienced police." "It is almost certain that he acted alone," she added. Early Saturday evening, Mr.

Eenhoorn announced that three other malls in the city had "been evacuated as a precaution" and "would remain closed until further notice." "We do not want to take risks," he said, explaining that act on "information obtained during the investigation." According to witnesses interviewed by several media, the killer was about twenty years.

"He was tall and dressed in camouflage pants," he told an elderly woman on public television NOS. "He was moving without haste, killing in cold blood," she added. Declaring himself "deeply shocked", Mr. Eenhoorn offered his condolences to the families of victims, on his behalf and on behalf of Queen Beatrix who expressed his "deep distress".

The Minister of Justice, Ivo Opstelten, for his part spoke of a "terrible tragedy". According to most witnesses, the shooting lasted "ten to twenty minutes." "At first we thought it was fireworks," he told Attha Mehdi, 37. "Then the noise got closer and close to me, two people fell to the ground.

People have approached for help, thinking they had felt unwell. When they saw that someone fired shots fire, everyone started running, "he said. "I have not seen the shooter, I thought only of escape". Ronald van Boven, 43, was shopping at the supermarket when the shooting started. "A supermarket employee took an injured hip and dragged her to the store for the shelter," he said.

"There was lots of blood." After his wild journey, the gunman killed himself near the supermarket checkout, using a different weapon than the one he had fired on the crowd. After the tragedy, police and justice auditioning all the witnesses who came to them in order to reconstruct the facts.

"We sometimes hear that kind of thing happens overseas," said Glenn Schoen NOS, a Dutch expert on terrorism. "We do not expect that such a bloodbath to take place in a country like the Netherlands," he said. In the shopping center located in the heart of a residential area, investigators were working as police stood guard.

"We are very worried," said Lisa Floh, 15. "We know lots of people who work at this center or who were at the time of the shooting, and there is no news of them," she says. OUR aired photos taken at the scene by witnesses, including that of a man killed in his car, whose body lies beside the open door in the middle of broken glass.

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