Monday, April 11, 2011

Libyans cleared of rebels against Ajdabiya

Libyan rebels on Monday cleared the strategic eastern city of Ajdabiya of charred bodies and remains of trucks, a day after expelling forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi in a fierce battle. Aided by NATO air strikes, opposition fighters seized control of the town about 150 kilometers of coastal stronghold of Benghazi after facing on Saturday and Sunday at Gadhafi troops with rockets and machine guns.

NATO said it destroyed 11 tanks Gadhafi in Libya's Mediterranean coast just outside Ajdabiya. After complaining that NATO was taking too long to respond to attacks by the Government, the rebels are now optimistic about the alliance's air support. "We have made progress due to air strikes," said the rebel Belgassim El-Awami.

But many insurgents praised the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, rather than to NATO attacks. Sarkozy stressed the need for military intervention in Libya and the French Air Force was the first to attack the troops of Gadhafi. It is considered a hero by the rebels. NATO took command March 31 coalition, led by France, Britain and the United States.

In the green door of the west of the city, insurgents gathered near the site of one of the NATO air strikes to wrap up in blankets blackened and mutilated bodies of the soldiers of Gadhafi and take to the desert for burial. "These are the men of Gaddafi who died during the air raid Sarkozy yesterday (Sunday)," said a rebel.

Muftah Jadallah, another insurgent, said he had buried 35 bodies of soldiers killed in the bombing Gadhafi and street battles in the city. Located in a strategic crossroad and protecting access to Benghazi, Ajdabiya would take a major victory for Gadhafi. Frightened by the continuing fighting, the majority of residents have fled.

The facades of the houses and public buildings have bullet holes from machine gun and artillery fire, the glass of the windows are shattered and there the walls of the city are filled with graffiti. "Ajdabiya has become a ghost town," said Mohamed el-Quabaily, an engineer of 45 years standing at the twisted metal of a rebel truck reached on Sunday by an enemy rocket.

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