Monday, April 11, 2011

The violence in Syria killed 28 people Friday, according to NGOs

Twenty-six people were killed Friday in Dera in southern Syria when police fired on demonstrators to disperse them, said Sunday the Syrian and Kurdish NGOs. "The police and security agents broke up peaceful protests on Friday in Dera by firing live bullets, which killed 26 people" in this city, the epicenter of protest against the Syrian regime, have said six organizations of Human Rights in a statement.

Two other people were killed Saturday in the governorate of Homs in central-western Syria, by fire from security forces, they added. Among the NGOs, who say they have the name list of the 28 killed included one to National Organization for Human Rights, the Kurdish Committee for Human Rights (Rassed) and the Committee for the Defence of Democratic Freedoms and Human Human Rights in Syria.

Violence had occurred on Friday in Dera, rural town of 85,000 inhabitants 100 km south of Damascus, where thousands of people demonstrated against the regime. The president of the National Organization of Human Rights, Ammar Qourabi, reached in Cairo, had reported 30 demonstrators killed by security forces.

On Saturday, thousands of people attended the funeral of people killed in Dera yesterday, according to an activist for human rights. Five people were wounded by gunfire before dawn Sunday at a mosque in the coastal city of Banias in northwestern Syria, said a witness. At the dawn prayer, seven cars "carrying people sent by the regime came to the mosque Abu Bakr al-Sidiq and its occupants opened fire on the mosque." "Five people were injured, one was inside the mosque and the four others in the area", said the witness.

The authors of the shooting fled, "but we were able to seize two of their cars and were able to take the registration numbers of other vehicles." "The perpetrators of the shootings are henchmen of the regime whose names are known to us," said the witness that telephone communications were cut at Banias.

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