Monday, April 11, 2011

Sentenced to three years in jail for publishing on the internet criticisms the Egyptian Army

An Egyptian military court has sentenced to three years in prison activist and blogger Maikel Nabil on charges of "insulting the army" and "disturbing public security" after he published an Internet article criticizing the performance of the Egyptian army during the riots started last January, according to Europa Press includes a report in the Egyptian daily Al Ahram.

The text was titled The Army and the people never went hand in hand, a sentence that subverted one of the slogans chanted during the Revolution of January 25: "Army and people, hand in hand." Nabil was arrested at his home last March 28 and indicted by a military court following his article, which carried out an analysis of the performance of the Army during the protests.

Between them, which has echoed Efe, are the alleged torture of demonstrators inside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Army has described as "insulting" this information, and Nabil's comments on them, explained Adel Ramadan, a lawyer blogger. The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) has proved contrary to Nabil has responded to a military tribunal and asked to repeat the trial before a civil court because the case is related to freedom of expression and publication.

Another activist, blogger, Wael Abbas, denounced by his Twitter account after the ruling that "Egypt will never be safe for bloggers.

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