Monday, April 11, 2011

Japan, the new shock terremotoEvacuata central Fukushima

An earthquake of 6.6 degrees - and not 7.1 as stated at the beginning - hit Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture. The government has maintained immediately after the tsunami warning. The nuclear power plant in Fukushima - at 81 km from the epicenter - was evacuated, although the company that operates the plant has made it known that the new earthquake has caused more damage.

The electricity, at first jumped, was restored in less than an hour. His delivery is necessary for the operation of the plant to cool the reactors. The quake came exactly one month after the earthquake of magnitude 9 and the subsequent tsunami that devastated the north-east of the country, shook buildings in Tokyo and caused 27 thousand victims.

The second earthquake was recorded at 17.16 hours local time (10.16 in Italy) at a depth of 13 km. The epicenter was located right in Fukushima Prefecture, where is the center of the same name in which more work is continuing on to include the nuclear crisis. A couple of hours before the new quake, at 14:46 (to 07:46 Italian time), Japan had stopped for a minute's silence to remember the victims of the earthquake of 11 March exact hour of the quake more devastating.

The Japanese government has meanwhile decided to extend the range of evacuation - not immediate - the population of the prefecture of Fukushima. Rather than 20 km away from the center, as previously decided, prevention will be extended to homes up to 40 km. And the alarm contaminated fish arrives in Italy.

"I am arriving in the port of Naples radioactive frozen foods from Japan and introduced to the market by the Camorra," said Francesco Emilio Borrelli, regional commissioner of the Greens today - along with Vincenzo Peretti of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Naples Federico II - has distributed material among citizens.

"Every year is imported from Japan, Italy imports 13 million pieces of frozen fish that is caught in the Japan Sea is currently full of thousands of tons of radioactive water," they added. The Camorra, according to state, it would have already turned to blow up the controls to the dangerous goods.

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