Monday, April 11, 2011

Berlusconi in court for "embezzlement"

The Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, arrived Monday, April 11 at the resumption of his trial in Milan for embezzlement during the acquisition of television and film rights by his media empire, Mediaset. Upon entry into the courtroom, he approached reporters to denounce "a judiciary that works against the country", repeating his mantra of the politician persecuted by "politicized judges left.

He said the justice reforms planned by his government intended to "prevent it from becoming a weapon of political struggle. (...) Is the 2 566th hearing at which I must attend. No one in the world ' had to defend himself in a high number of hearings, "he argued. A suspension of the hearing, Mr Berlusconi has not left the court without a stop a few minutes before some 200 supporters with larger blue balloons and flags of the LDP, the party.

"I spent a morning unreal," he told them, grabbing a microphone. He complained of having "lost time" of Prime Minister, who would "rather be trying to defend Italy on the international scene", with pauses for applause. Mr Berlusconi has already participated in a March 28 hearing, his first appearance in court since 2003, and his lawyers had announced that he would in court April 11.

The judges should first examine defense witnesses. Mediaset Group is accused of using front companies bought foreign-based television and film rights to the amounts overcharged. Silvio Berlusconi and his company deny any wrongdoing. This trial is taking place within three different procedures, all related to the acquisition of television rights and film in the 1990s.

Mr. Berlusconi is also charged with incitement to prostitution of a minor and abuse of power in a case dubbed "Rubygate. He denies, too, the charges against him and rejected opposition calls for his resignation. For more information:

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