Monday, April 11, 2011

Gaddafi accepts the 'cease-fuoco'Ma for the rebels: "No agreement with the rais"

Immediate 'ceasefire', promotion of national dialogue, protection of foreigners in the country and delivery of humanitarian aid. This is the recipe given by the African Union to resolve the military confrontation in Libya. Muammar Gaddafi had agreed, despite having repeatedly announced and rejected the hypothesis of a Stop the Use of Weapons on the Libyans.

This is why NATO - through its General Anders Fogh Rasmussen - urges caution: "Any ceasefire in Libya must be credible and verifiable." The Colonel expressed his conciliatory position during his meeting yesterday with South African President Jacob Zuma and the other three leaders of the continent, representing the African Union.

Today, the delegation reached Benghazi to continue negotiations with the Transitional National Council, the body representing the insurgents. The meeting however has not been as successful: the rebels have rejected the EU proposal because it involves an agreement with the Rais. "I do not negotiate with the blood of our martyrs," they did know.

"We will not accept any 'cease fire' when the first troops do not withdraw from the streets Gaddafi the Libyan city," he added Abdelmaula Chamseddine, spokesman for the CNT. "People should be allowed to go into the streets and express their opinions and soldiers must return to barracks," he said.

The only way to apply, is the resignation and exile of the colonel. Of which seems to have also discussed in the meeting between Gaddafi and the AU delegation. "There have been discussions on this point, but I can not report on," said the African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security Ramtane Lamamra.

"It 's a question that must remain confidential, however it is for the Libyan people to choose their leaders democratically," he added. One solution promoted by the international community. "The children and the family of Gaddafi can not have any part in the future of Libya's political life," he said in an interview with French broadcaster 'Europe 1' the Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini.

"I think we should retreat, is a precondition for national reconciliation beginning with the Libyan leader," said Frattini. Views are those of the minister, as he himself points out, but that touch the main points of the question. As the supply of weapons sought by the rebels and the possibility of a change in the Italian military actions: "An intervention to land in Libya is impossible for me," said Frattini, who remembers the original sin of the colonial past Italy in the country.

But "the UN resolution allowing weapons to be provided," continued the minister, indirectly responding to the demands of the rebels. On the diplomatic front, to be committed to finding a deal is not only the African Union. The Libyan issue will be discussed in the third summit of the Bric group (including Brazil, Russia, India and China) - to be held in Sanya, China's southern island of Henan - who will participate for the first time South Africa and during the meeting tomorrow in Luxembourg between the European Union foreign ministers.

Instead postponed to Friday to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mustafa Abduljalil, president of the National Transitional Council in Libya. In its place, tomorrow, the Foreign Minister of the CNT, Ali al-Isawia, and General Abdel-Fattah Younis, head of military operations of the rebels, met the Minister Frattini.

Will be in Rome tonight and already there is a dinner with the Deputy Foreign Minister Stefania Craxi. Meanwhile the country continues to fight. Sunday Ajdabiya to NATO announced that it had destroyed 25 armored militia Gaddafi, allowing the rebels to regain control of the city and move towards Brega.

Ready to loyalist, however, came the answer, who fired Grad rockets on the city of Misurata, causing at least 5 dead and 20 injured, reportedly by a rebel source. The troops of the colonel would be helped by some Republican Guard brigades in Chad, led by senior executives of the country.

Also according to the insurgents, it would like to thank Gaddafi for "having sent him weapons when there have been attacks by armed groups against the capital in 2008." This is confirmed by the French newspaper 'Le Figaro', which tells the participation of men in the military operations in eastern Chad between the tribes close to those of Libya and the use of the embassy of the country as one of the centers of recruitment of mercenaries.

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