Monday, April 11, 2011

Conditions of detention of Bradley Manning: "Cruel and unusual punishment"

 For some, Bradley Manning, the suspected informant WikiLeaks, a hero. For the other he is a traitor who should be sentenced to death. More and sharper the prison conditions for the young man have become incarcerated in the military prison at Quantico in the state of Virginia and awaiting trial.

Against the local "degrading and inhumane" treatment Manning's protest now more than 250 distinguished American scientists. In a letter, the scientists criticizing prison conditions in plain words: The treatment was illegal and unconstitutional. If they continue, it could be a violation of the law that prohibits torture.

Manning is suspected to have passed more than 250,000 secret despatches of the diplomatic service of the U.S. to WikiLeaks. End of May 2010 he was arrested, since he sits a i as a prisoner of the "maximum" security level in Quantico. 23 hours a day he spends alone in his mini-cell. In the rightful "lesson", it is moved to another room, which can then pace off it. Since early March, Manning must completely naked and sleep in the morning naked in control of the cell door connect - a bullying, which affects only him in Quantico.

Against that prison conditions are turning to the researchers.  The letter was a "huge embarrassment" for Obama, says the Guardian. Even the authors of the letter, Ackerman and Benkler, attack the U.S. president directly: he once taught constitutional law and enter the national stage as an eloquent moral leader.

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