Monday, April 11, 2011

Egyptian Militar threatens protesters with violence

Mubarak has plunged, but Egypt does not come to rest. In the center is again the Tahrir Square in the heart of Cairo - Thousands demonstrate here again against the ruling military council. But this time, the army has not returned and announced that if necessary to resolve the protests with violence
Now, barely two months after Mubarak's resignation, the Egyptians are back on the Tahrir Square - a protest against the ruling military council, who has taken up to the forthcoming elections in the fall of the power.
Thousands of people came together on Saturday and demanded the head of the Military Council, Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, to resign. Tantawi was a faithful follower of Mubarak, and therefore could not represent the new leaders of Egypt, they say. They call for a real break with the Mubarak regime.

But will this time, the army appeared to behave differently: The Military Council announced on Saturday, if necessary also to apply force against the demonstrators to clear the Tahrir Square and the life back "to guide normality" in the. After several hundred opposition activists leave for a peaceful mass rally on Friday the city wanted, it was already over night and into the morning hours on the Tahrir Square to violent clashes between demonstrators and military police.

According to eye witnesses, there were four dead and many injured. According to information from a Cairo hospital died after the demonstrations on Friday, two men from gunshot wounds, a total of 15 people had been admitted with gunshot wounds. The army insisted that it had not used live ammunition as they tried to break up the demonstration.

Even now, protesters suspect on Twitter, the escalation of violence was directed from above. Many of the protesters who had arrived after midnight, were ordered rebels. A senior officer was pending against the former dictator, Mubarak responsible for the recent unrest. In a concession to the demands of the protesters, the Council announced the state television, according to the same time, however, some of exchange Mubarak appointed provincial governors.

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