Monday, April 11, 2011

Egypt presents a possible successor to Amro Musa

Egypt submitted to the Arab deputy speaker of parliament, the Fiki Mustafa, former head of the National Democratic Party (NDP, former ruling party) as a candidate to succeed current Secretary General of the Arab League, Amro Musa. Speaking to reporters, Deputy Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed bin Heli, announced the nomination of El Fiki, 66, who becomes the second candidate running for office as the chief nominated Qatar Cooperation Council of the Gulf, the Atiya Abdurrahman.

Bin Heli announced that Musa's successor, who is leaving the post to run for presidential elections in Egypt, will be announced during the Baghdad Arab summit, scheduled for May 11. According to Egyptian media, El Fiki information served as secretary of former President Hosni Mubarak from 1985 to 1992.

He also chaired the Committee of Arab Affairs of the Shura Council, parliament's upper house of Egypt. The independent daily "Al Masri al Youm" recalled that in legislative elections, 2005 Fiki won his seat in the chamber as a candidate for the town of Damanhur amid allegations of fraud.

The newspaper added that the February 5 The Fiki resigned from the then ruling National Democratic Party, a week before he resigned Mubarak to power after eighteen days of protests. Traditionally, the secretary general of the Arab League has been occupied by an Egyptian since its founding in 1945, excepting the period when Egypt was expelled from this organization for peace with Israel in 1979.

However, the statutes of the Arab League states that the secretary general has to be Egyptian.

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