Monday, April 11, 2011

Born: uranium to Libya?

E 'from the first Gulf War that speaks of the terrible effects of depleted uranium projectiles. It's been more than 15 years since the scandal exploded with thousands of Iraq veterans who became ill and died. There was talk of Gulf War Syndrome. P or it was discovered that someone had the brilliant idea to dispose of the radioactive waste produced by nuclear power plants manufacturing armored bullets.

Once temperatures reach exploded appalling. You are discussing what causes cancer and malformed births. Some people blame the radiation, the toxicity of those substances released from the fusion of the projectile. It 's a fact, however, that the effects are disastrous and there are still contaminating the land for a long time in the order of centuries or millennia.

There have been protests at international level but these weapons were then used with impunity in Somalia, former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan ... Now that there are widespread suspicions rise on the use of depleted uranium in Libya. The top U.S. does not respond to journalists' questions on this topic and some international organizations of the Pacific are sounding the alarm on the basis of evidence of very high concern, as explained in the investigation of Alberto Romagnoli, Angelo Saso and Maurizio Torrealta for RaiNews.

Of course, it would be ironic that once you go to free a people contaminating thousands of unsuspecting civilians. I watch on TV the scenes of the rebels who gather around the festive Rais tanks destroyed by NATO and feel a cold sweat thinking that if these really are uranium bullets, the tanks hit were contaminated and that those insurgents Born to sing the praises are already practically dead.

I hope it is not so and I urge the Members to move with questions from liberals to put pressure on our government and Europe. It 'absolutely necessary to establish the truth: the NATO summit must say whether or not they are using the uranium and whether they are using it should take immediate action to report the hazardous areas to prevent further damage to the population (and the same should be done in all areas of the theaters of war where these inhumane weapons were used).

It would now, as it requires time that these weapons were outlawed. Here our investigations on this horrible story.

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