Monday, April 11, 2011

Laurent Gbagbo, who was arrested in Ivory Coast

Laurent Gbagbo, 66, the outgoing president of the Ivory Coast, the former leader who had refused to relinquish power despite having lost the elections last November, was arrested today after spending the last ten days hiding in the bunker of his residence, guarded by a thousand armed men. At four p.m.

appeared on television of his enemy, the elected president Alassane Ouattara, in a room at Hotel du Golf, where he had been moved from his residence along with his wife Simone and one of his children. Tired, beaten, sweaty, Gbagbo removed his shirt printed front of the cameras, and in shirt, wiped the sweat sitting on the bed in the hotel room.

Your safety will be left to the UN. The arrest occurred around three o'clock in the afternoon and, at first, made sure that was produced by French special forces. Soon after, both the French ambassador in Ivory Coast, Jean-Marc Simon, as the General Staff of France belied this information and insisted that the final assault had been carried out by forces loyal to President-elect, Alassane Ouattara.

The distinction is important, since at any moment France has insisted that its military role in the conflict under UN authorization, was limited to protecting civilians liquidating, for that heavy weapons Gbagbo. With nuance and without nuance, the French intervention, which has 1,600 troops in Abidjan, was decisive: a French armored thirty has enable them to manage this morning shortly before the final assault to Gbagbo's residence in order to pave the way for troops Ouattara.

"Gbagbo was arrested by the troops of Ouattara and not by the French special forces, who remained outside the site of Gbagbo's residence," said a diplomatic source France Presse. For several hours, also French helicopters bombed UN and air defenses with missiles, cannons, mortars and armored forces Gbagbo.

However, some advisors located in France Gbagbo took advantage of their presence in Paris to denounce the media that the role of France had been greater, "French special forces have been those who have entered, Gbagbo have apprehended and they gave it to Ouattara. Now, to see how legitimate government, "explained Bernard Oudin, special adviser to Gbagbo in Paris.

Shortly after the assault, the Ivorian ambassador to the UN, Ali Coulibaly from New York announced that Gbagbo was arrested, in good health and would be brought to justice for his country "to respond to crimes has committed. " Meanwhile, Nicolas Sarkozy held a "lengthy telephone interview with Ouattara." Tonight, Gbagbo made a brief appearance on television to order his forces to surrender and end the fighting.

So end two weeks that have plunged into chaos Abidjan. At first it seemed that Gbagbo's surrender was a matter of hours. But it was not. There were negotiations for the surrender failed, failed attempts to assault by troops Ouattara and even counter the forces of Gbagbo.

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